Giant Russian cucumbers live up to their name

By: Simon Webster | February 2, 2011

Simon Webster proudly shows of his giant cucumbers

Bragging about large vegetables is no doubt a sign of immaturity and deep-seated insecurities. However, I couldn’t help but share my excitement at harvesting these magnificent ‘Giant Russian’ cucumbers this week.

Some vegies (such as zucchinis) become tough as old boots when they’re left to mature on the vine, but these gargantuans of the cucumber world are in tip-top shape when they’ve been allowed to grow big and have turned a bit yellow, just like these fine specimens. They’re crisp and delicious, and they’ll keep a family in cucumber sandwiches until doomsday. 

However, despite tipping the scales at more than 1.6kg each, they are still quite a way off the world record for a cucumber, which, according to the BBC was 26.8kg, set in Australia in 1988. I might have to start throwing on a bit more compost. 

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