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backyard chook

Why keep chooks?

November 2014

JESSAMY MILLER looks at the benefits of keeping chooks.

Golden nugget

Pint-sized pumpkins

October 2014

JUSTIN RUSSELL lists his top four mini pumpkin varieties that are big in colour and flavour, but compact in size and space needs.

bee on echinacea flower

A dying buzz

October 2014

Climate disruption and insecticides known as neonics are proving a deadly combination for bees, writes DR REESE HALTER.

Liquid assets

October 2014

PHIL DUDMAN looks at liquid fertilisers and the important role they play in the organic garden.

All sown up

August 2014

Seed tapes and soil blocks are handy ways to sow, according to OG's dynamic duo PHIL DUDMAN and JUSTIN RUSSELL. 

Backyard produce at the local store - The Lane, Palmwoods

30-day gardening challenge

May 2014

There's a lot of avid gardeners out there and we have followed quite a few of you over the years. One group embarked on a 30-day gardening challenge. Their aim was to learn and implement something new every day. Here are some more photos and experiences from SALLY PIPER, the driving force behind the idea.

Organic 'Santa Rosa' plums.

Chemical warfare

April 2014

Commercially grown plums are exposed to a chemical cocktail of pesticides and herbicides, writes TIM MARSHALL.