Articles by Justin Russell

What to plant in September

September 13, 2016

Welcome spring! Get outside and plant your hands in the dirt writes JUSTIN RUSSELL.

Seed Packets

Spring seed sowing 101

August 26, 2016

Confused about which seed to sow where? Not sure which potting mix to use? JUSTIN RUSSELL has you covered.

Ancient grains

Ancient grains

August 24, 2016

From chia and quinoa to buckwheat and amaranth, ancient grains are being rediscovered, so why not try your hand at growing these highly nutritious pseudo-cereals that are also gluten free, writes JUSTIN RUSSELL. 

planting beetroot seedlings

What to plant in August

August 18, 2016

To know what to sow now, wherever you are across Oz, check out JUSTIN RUSSELL's guide to August planting.


Pruning winter trees

Gardening jobs for August

August 10, 2016

JUSTIN RUSSELL heralds the approach of Spring with a flurry of August gardening jobs.

June frost

Gardening jobs for June

May 31, 2016

JUSTIN RUSSELL suggests rugging up and making the most of gardening in cooler weather. Read his tips here.

Artichoke division

What to plant in May

May 2, 2016

Take advantage of forecast rain this month with JUSTIN RUSSELL's planting tips for a wide range of perennial and annual crops.

Perpetual Spinach

What to plant in March

February 25, 2016

With a good chance of decent autumn rains on the way JUSTIN RUSSELL says it's time to get planting!