Articles by Penny Woodward

Worm farms and tumblers

June 2020

Not everyone has the space in the garden for a compost heap, writes Penny Woodward -- that's where a worm farm comes in!

Snails begone!

June 2020

Peas appear to be a favourite of snails and slugs -- Penny Woodward has a simple solution.

raining gold

Ginkgo raining gold

June 2020

This tree grew when the dinosaurs roamed the earth says Penny Woodward.

Bob with apples

Bob's Summer Surprise

May 2020

It took 20 years for Bob Magnus to breed this apple, says Penny Woodward, and it all started in Huonville, Tasmania.

Winter savory in flower

Winter savoury

April 2020

Spicy, fragrant, warming. Perfect for cool weather meals says Penny Woodward


Planting seed

April 2020

First time sowing seed? Penny Woodward gives us some back to basics for new growers

Horseradish power

March 2020

Autumn is the time when the wonderfully pungent horseradish is in its element -- you can plant and harvest now and once harvested it's time to start cooking!