Articles by Simon Webster

Organics growing up

November 2012

Certified organics is becoming increasingly mainstream, but there is a downside, SIMON WEBSTER reports. 

For peat’s sake

October 2012

There’s no need to use peat moss, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

National Organic Week

October 2012

Organic gardeners, producers and consumers are getting together for National Organic Week, SIMON WEBSTER reports. 

Seed saving workshop in Sydney

October 2012

Seed experts Michel and Jude Fanton are in the big smoke to talk seed saving and diversity, reports SIMON WEBSTER.

Waste not want not

September 2012

Food wastage has been an issue for a long time, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

Permaculture: the musical

September 2012

It was only a matter of time before ukeleles and hip-hop made the Organic Gardener website, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

Of dill and dollars

August 2012

What is a bunch of dill really worth? SIMON WEBSTER offers a link to a farmer’s insight.