Life according to Kevin McCloud

In our latest issue Kylie McGregor talks with Kevin McCloud, environmentalist, writer and intriguing host of BAFTA award-winning Grand Designs, who is currently in Australia for a one-man stage show. 

As host of the ABC series Grand Designs, Kevin McCloud is known for his gentle but pointed coaching of home builders through what is usually a troublesome experience, often admiring their gumption if not their budgeting skills. He’s also shared his own adventures, as he and his mates put together an eco-friendly shed using only recycled and found material in his show Man Made Home.

His architectural knowledge and enthusiasm know no bounds, nor does his determination to get us all thinking differently about the way we live. Now he is in Australia for a live theatre event: The World According to Kevin. He will entertain with stories from the past 20 years as host of Grand Designs, as well as digging into his own past in an entertaining survey of 1960s wallpaper, the space program, McMansions, community and the planet. You can read more in our latest issue (onsale now) but here's a small taste of his wit and building wisdom in an ABC Nightlife interview.

First published: February 2020

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