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Corn flattened by wind

Unmulched corn takes a battering

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Mulch proves just champion in a storm, reports SIMON WEBSTER.

Well, the mulch-versus-no-mulch fight is over, with mulch declared the winner in a first-round knockout.

Pictured is the prostrate mulchless corn, knocked out by a haymaker from a storm that blew through our place the other night. It just shows the importance of having windbreaks to protect your crops (mine have still got a bit of growing to do).

The mulched corn was also bent over by the wind, but not as badly as the mulchless.

Perhaps the mulched corn had developed additional roots in the straw, making it more stable. Maybe the mulch just gave it something to lean against. Anyway, I administered some sniffing salts, stood all the stalks up again, gave them a slap around the chops and told them to lift their game.

I also mulched both beds heavily to prop everything upright.

With no option but to stop the fight, I declare mulch the heavyweight champion of the corn patch, in our backyard at least.