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Top 5 healthy eating tips

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Kick start your new year's resolution with nutritionist MEGAN YONSON's top five tips for a healthy eating lifestyle.

1. Don’t buy into fads.

Shake diets, pre-made freezer meals and low calorie diets are not the way to go. Not only are they a drag, but they’re also unsustainable. We all inherently know what we should be eating, so ditch the diet and just eat real, fresh food.

2. Be prepared.

There’s no way around it, you’ve got to be prepared for each meal – Yep, three times a day! If you didn’t make lunch the night before, you’ve got to get up early to make it. Sneaking off to the food court for lunch each day is deeply unsatisfying, so always plan ahead!

3. Fill your plate with veggies first.

Yeah, we get told this all the time, but it really is key to it all because veggies are nutrient dense, alkalizing and full of fibre. Aim to get 10 different types of veggies in your gob by each day’s end. Sound hard? A breakfast omelette with leek, mushroom, spinach, tomato and zucchini means you’re already halfway there by 9am!

4. Sit down at the table to eat, no distractions.

Many of us shovel our food down way too quickly. Turn off your phone, close your laptop and stop, chew and actually taste your food. You’ll find you eat less, digest better and actually enjoy your meals a whole lot more.

5. Have fun with healthy food.

Eating the same food each night, however healthy it is, will get boring pretty quickly. Keep your taste buds guessing by playing with different flavours. Grow or buy unusual veggies and search out new recipes to try to boost your cooking repertoire and impress your friends and family.