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Sustainable House Day

Sustainable House Day

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Here’s a chance to visit an eco-friendly home near you, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

It was  Sustainable House Day on Sunday, September 8, with the greenest of homeowners opening their doors to the public to show off their solar panels, water harvesting systems and miscellaneous recycled thingumajigs.

About 180 houses were on show, including the Zero Carbon House in Adelaide (pictured; and yes, that is a real pic, not a computer-generated image). The design won a South Australian Zero Carbon Challenge competition and the real thing has now been built.

In Fremantle, WA, Gardening Australia’s Josh Byrne is opening the doors to his latest project, Josh’s House. (Those who couldn’t visit in person can see the latest episode of Josh’s building project here.)

“About 80 per cent of the homes this year are open for the first time,” says Sustainable House Day national coordinator, Pia Vogrin. “We’re seeing the fruits of people who attended Sustainable House Day two to three years ago and went away and built their own homes.”