ABC Organic Gardener magazine presents practical, clearly written features and excellent photography on all aspects of organic gardening and living. It sticks to the principles of good, chemical-free gardening, which supports and works together with nature.

The magazine explores eco-living issues such as organic food, renewable energy, permaculture, organic farmers’ markets, environmentally friendly home products, and eco-travel. It provides inspiration, information and practical how-to advice and solutions on all aspects of organic gardening and a holistic lifestyle. 

Published eight times per year, ABC Organic Gardener is an essential companion for anyone interested in organics, gardening and a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

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Inside the current issue

Early Spring 2022

Get growing, and start saving, with the latest issue of ABC Organic Gardener magazine. 

Filled with practical solutions to help futureproof your garden and home, this issue is all about getting thrifty, and how you can save growing your own food. From starting a vegie patch and finding cheaper ways to source materials, to collecting native seeds and composting clothes, thrift is the name of the game when it comes to organic gardening.

Plus, read all about the pecking order and what it means when it comes to keeping hens happy, and natural ways to blitz pests and weeds.





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Organic Gardener essential guides

Natural Solutions

There has never been a better time than right now to explore urban farming - growing food in whatever space you have available, be it a backyard, nature strip, rooftop or balcony. The 13th Organic Gardener Essential Guide: Urban Farming is brimming with hands-on information to get you growing your own food, sans chemicals, for maximum taste and nutrition, with the added benefit of being best practice for the planet. 

Broken into three easy-to-follow parts, it includes a wealth of knowledge from Australia's leading horticultural writers as well as beautifully captured and informative images, and detailed garden plans.




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The Contented Bee

The Contented Bee

Get your copy of The Contented Bee today. It's buzzing with expert tips on bee-keeping know-how.



Back issues

Back issues

Many back-issues of both Organic Gardener magazine and the Essential Guides are available.

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