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Namyangju Organic Museum

Korea opens organic museum

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At last, there’s a museum that takes vegie growing seriously, reports SIMON WEBSTER. 

It is school holidays, and organic gardeners up and down Australia are begrudgingly traipsing around museums and science centres with their overstimulated offspring, while all the time wondering why there’s nothing really interesting on display, such as examples of broccoli cultivars or collections of watering cans.


They’ve got the right idea over in Korea, where parents can take their children to a museum and still get an organic gardening fix.


The seeds of the Namyangju Organic Museum were sown in 2008 when it was decided that such an institution would reinvigorate organic farming and promote good health.


Construction began last year (the pic is an artist’s impression) and the museum is due to open next month, just in time to host the 2011 general assembly at the World Congress of IFOAM, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements.


The museum’s exhibits cover soil, seasonal farming methods, the era of the green revolution and regeneration through organics. Who needs dinosaur skeletons and interactive thingamajigs when you’ve got all that?


Can someone please build one in Australia?