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This special two-layer macadamia cake features lemon-myrtle syrup, lemon curd, orange buttercream and crystallised grapefruit.

Happy 90th birthday ABC!

Get ready to celebrate the ABC's 90th birthday with Maggie Beer's 'symphony of citrus' celebration cake!

Maggie Beer has teamed up with her old friend Simon Bryant — also known as “The Chef” from the pair’s classic ABC TV series The Cook and the Chef.

“I love the ABC, and we thought for its 90th we would make a macadamia, lemon myrtle and a symphony of citrus cake,” Maggie says. 

We’re so excited to share this ABC 90th birthday cake with you.

This is a true epic. Chopped macadamia nuts give the sponge a beautiful earthiness, while the sweet and tart crystallised grapefruit cuts through the rich buttercream and curd.

Then there’s the lemon-myrtle syrup, which seeps into the sponge adding flavour and keeping it moist.  

An out-and-out show stopper, this cake is the perfect way to celebrate the ABC’s 90th anniversary!

You can find the recipe at ABC Everyday and then get ready to celebrate when the ABC turns 90 on July 1!