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Getting your vegie garden started

Getting your vegie garden started

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Starting a vegie patch? Well, there's one very important question to ask yourself, writes Helen McKerral.

Once you have your basic tool kit at the ready, including a trowel, spade, gloves and secateurs you might just want to ask yourself what type of garden suits you and your space before you go any further. The main options to choose from are:

 In-ground vegie gardens suit open sunny areas. They are cheap and as well as easy to build and maintain if you water and weed regularly.

 Raised garden beds can be timber, steel or plastic, filled with special soil to ensure drainage. Place on geotextile to prevent root invasion. They’re ideal near trees, shallow or boggy soils, and for people with mobility issues. There are also lots of off-the-shelf options.

 Wicking beds are large containers with soil and water wells for constant moisture. They do everything raised beds do, and are perfect for hot regions and paved surfaces. 

 Containers such as pots and planters are versatile and are best filled with good-quality potting mix. They suit paved areas, balconies and courtyards and can be moved into sunnier or shadier spots depending on the season. Choose the largest possible to reduce watering frequency, although if regular watering is not an issue, more smaller pots can also be more versatile. There are plenty of self-watering container gardens for sale.


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