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Part of Karen Sutherland's May Harvest

Fruit harvest in Karen’s Melbourne garden

Karen Sutherland grows a veritable cornucopia of fruit in her suburban backyard. Here she shares her calendar of planting times.

January – Apricot Trevatt, Babaco

February & March – Strawberries,  apple Weeping Wandin Pride, apple Golden Delicious, grape Isabella. February only: thornless blackberries

March – Finger limes, raspberries.

April & May – Persimmon Fuyu, feijoa, strawberry guava, pomegranate Ben Hur, grape Isabella, finger limes, pistachios, quinces

June – Kiwi, rhubarb, strawberry guava, persimmon Fuyu

July & August – Avocado Bacon, orange Lane’s Late Navel, kiwi, cape gooseberry.

August also: alpine strawberries, rhubarb

September – Avocado Bacon, orange Lane’s Late Navel, alpine strawberries, rhubarb

October – Loquat Bessell Brown, alpine strawberries, rhubarb

November – Loquat Bessell Brown, raspberries, thornless loganberries, thornless youngberries, strawberries

December – Strawberries, raspberries, apricot Trevatt, babaco, thornless loganberries, thornless youngberries

All year round Pepino