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Down-to-earth garden design

Down-to-earth garden design

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Good garden design can be a mystery to many, but when you follow the steps that professionals use, you can create something that is both beautiful and functional, says PHIL DUDMAN

Creating a dream garden on TV looks easy – when you’ve got a team of experts behind you – but when you’re standing in your own backyard, it can be hard to know where to start.

When the ABC asked me to write a design book, I decided to break down the design process into a series of simple steps that you can follow at your own pace. The result is a book that teaches you to measure up and draft your design, develop your style and draw a master plan and planting plan.

When that’s done, the book gives you the practical skills to build retaining walls, steps and pergolas; laying pavers and pathways and even install drainage, all within budget.

It’s fully illustrated with easy step-by-step diagrams as well as ready-made plans you can use and the language is very straightforward and easy to follow.

We called the book Down-to-Earth Garden Design: How to design and build your dream garden. I think it’s a really useful book and I hope you get to check it out.