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Citrus: Recipes that make the most of your bounty

Citrus: Recipes that make the most of your bounty

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Citrus trees dripping with fruit? PHIL DUDMAN shares some recipes for preserving and cooking with organic citrus.

Ah, the joys of stepping into the garden on a sunny winters day and picking fresh organic citrus straight from the tree. When citrus are on, they’re certainly on, but there’s never a dilema of what to do with our excess… we just go head on into juicing, preserving, making marmalades, lemonades, sorbets and of course giving it away. I am always on the lookout for more ideas on how to make the most of our organic citrus harvest so I asked my fab foodie buddy Julie Ray to share a few simple and tasty ideas, which she cooked and presented on ABC Northcoast’s Good Gardening program last Saturday. They were all delicious!

Lime and Chilli Butter Mussels
Quick and Easy Lemon Curd

Triple Twist Citrus Cake

I tried the mussel recipe as soon as I got home – it was dead easy to make and the family loved it. Earlier in the week I made the lemon curd and it was perfect. I shoved a teaspoon full in the mouth of my teenage son who was comatose in front of a screen – he almost shot out of the chair due to the blast of lemony flavour. Can’t wait to make the cake – the one Julie prepared was a serious hit of citrus. Enjoy!

Preserved lemons are fantastic for adding flavour to your cooking, especially middle eastern style dishes – and they’re very easy to make. Try Julie’s easy recipe.