Ten Top Vegies to Plant Now in the Organic Garden

March 11, 2011

1. Beetroot (Sow seed directly where they are to grow - water in with 1 pinch borax in 4.5 litres of water - they thrive on a little boron)

2. Broccoli (Start seeds in punnets, kick them along with liquid fertiliser and plant out when 5cm tall)

3. Cabbage (Be sure to try Chinese Cabbage too - it's fatser growing and needs less space)

4. Carrot (Sow enough now to keep you going in carrots for months)

5. Kale (A winter staple and packed with nutritional goodness)

6. Lettuce (At last! Watch out for hungry snails - they love it too!)

7. Radish (Bring back the radish I say. Fast growing and fantastic for salads)

8. Rocket (Gotta have some rocket - good to graze on when you're working in the patch)

9. Silverbeet (Pull out your tired old plants if they're struggling and replace them with some enthusiastic young seedlings)

10. Tomato (But only in warm, frost free areas - you'll grow your best tomatoes in winter - no pests and diseases)

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