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After 16 years of leading the way with organic gardening advice, we have transformed our look and feel with a fresh, clean and more ‘organic’ design. 

We have retained all our regular features and expert writers, in-depth articles and focus on all things organic. But we have also introduced new writers and sections such as ‘organic ornamental’ and ‘organic conversation’. The former will reinvigorate the idea of flowers and ornamentals as important and satisfying elements of the organic garden. In ‘conversation’, we will interview key members of the organic and environmental movements from Australia and globally, providing new inspiration and perspectives.

We would love to hear your feedback on the new design and format of Organic Gardener. Things you love, things we could do better. Please write in! 

We would also like to thank Pepita Oliver for her work on the gorgeous new design, and our art director, Karen Berge, for putting it all together so beautifully. And to everyone on the ABC Organic Gardener team for their ideas and inspiration.

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By: Steve Payne

First published: October 2015

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