Make a vertical herb spiral

A vertical herb spiral using pots is a creative and attractive addition to your garden.

native herb spiral
Photo: Leonie Shanahan

You will need:

3 different-sized pots

3 bricks (or similar)

Potting mix

Assorted herbs


1. Pre-water herbs with seaweed solution to reduce transplant shock.

2. Position pots in full sun, north facing.

3. Add bricks (or similar) to centre of largest pot, as a platform, to support middle-sized pot.

4. Backfill pot with potting mix and trace elements.

5. Add next pot. Half fill with potting mix, add another support in the centre and place final pot on top.

6. Before planting herbs, place them in a spiral to see if you are satisfied with the final look. Keep in mind that herbs planted at the top will need to like hot and dry conditions and as you go down each tier choose herbs that prefer more moisture.

7. Plant. Mulch. Water well with seaweed solution.


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By: Leonie Shanahan

First published: April 2017

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