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All the dirt on the Emmys

All the dirt on the Emmys

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The Aussie gardening show for kids, dirtgirlworld, is up for an Emmy, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

The Emmy Awards aren’t talked about too often on the Organic Gardener website. In fact, it would be a fair bet that this is the one and only Emmy blog entry in the site’s history. However, we couldn’t help but mention that a very special organic Australian has been nominated for an award.

Aussie creation dirtgirlworld – an animated TV series, and much more, aimed at young children – is up for an International Digital Emmy, and its co-creator (Cate McQuillen, pictured) will next month be swapping the flooded creeks of northern NSW for the red carpet of Cannes.

Dirtgirlworld teaches kids about the environment and encourages them to get out in the garden in ingenious ways. Screening in 128 countries, it also uses various new-fangled media platforms to offer interactive experiences, including an app that helps kids grow plants from seed.

You buy a pack of dirtgirlworld organic seeds online, download the app, and are rewarded with games, music and video while your tomatoes and sunflowers grow. 

For the dirtgirlworld site, see here