Frost protection

Frost, good or bad?

June 2019

Frosts are part of many gardeners lives but Penny Woodard asks are they good or bad?

Pruning winter trees

Gardening jobs for August

August 2016

JUSTIN RUSSELL heralds the approach of Spring with a flurry of August gardening jobs.

Creating removable shade

Conserving moisture

December 2015

Some tips from PENNY WOODWARD to keep your garden alive if you are away for a few days and during very hot weather.

Tropical storm

Stormy gardening

December 2015

Editor STEVE PAYNE gives some good advice to weather the storms of summer.

Garden Shadows

How to understand your site

April 2015

As autumn shadows lengthen, JUSTIN RUSSELL says that it's important to analyse the way light falls across your garden.

White cherry blossom

Record warm days

June 2014

Are there strange things happening in your garden? asks PENNY WOODWARD

Fuyu Persimmons

Orange lanterns of autumn

May 2014

Few plants can bridge the ornamental-edible divide like the persimmon. JUSTIN RUSSELL explains how to grow them.

Shade Cloth Lettuces

Use shade to beat the heat

January 2014

Trying to keep your cool in the vegie patch? JUSTIN RUSSELL explains how he uses shade cloth to spare lettuces and leafy greens from the worst of the summer heat.

Temperature rising

November 2013

A draft report from the CCA recommends Australia aim to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50 per cent by 2030.