seed security at risk

New seed security threat

March 2018

A review of the import of brassica seed is a threat to small farmers, seed suppliers and our nation's food sovereignty, says Justin Russell.


Getting intensive

December 2018

Justin Russell investigates a selection of tools and equipment for ambitious gardeners and aspiring market gardens

Gary and Angela Spotswood

Out of the box

September 2016

Converting to organics has given Gary and Angela Spotswood a renewed passion for farming, writes Kyie McGregor.

First Farm organics

A farm in the valley

June 2016

JACQUELINE FORSTER visits a market garden in the Kanimbla Valley growing organic produce for top Sydney restaurants.

Graham Brookman and chickens

Permaculture for life

November 2013

With a feature on permaculture appearing in an upcoming edition of Organic Gardener, editor STEVE PAYNE reflects on how he first discovered the design concept.

Learn from Holmgren and Savory

June 2013

Permaculture legend David Holmgren and holistic management guru Allan Savory are sharing their wisdom, writes SIMON WEBSTER.

Save our seeds

August 2012

Seeds are disappearing. In the century leading up to the year 2000, the world lost 75 per cent of the genetic diversity of its agricultural crops, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) estimates.

SIMON WEBSTER reports on how industrial agriculture has led to a dramatic erosion of the world’s seed diversity and how we can fight back.

GM Alarm Bells

July 2012

In the September-October 2012 issue of Organic Gardener, SIMON WEBSTER presents the latest research backing many of the predicted risks of genetically modified crops and food.

Full references to the research papers referred to can be found in this "Extra Content" article.