Organic life

Joe (far left) and Antonia (far right) with four of their sons and three apprentices.

Milk in the veins

August 2011

Elgaar Farm is a pioneering family dairy and cropping farm that has been paving the way in organic and sustainable practices for almost 25 years. HELEN CUSHING visits this Tasmanian treasure.

Vegie grower avoids jail

July 2011

Media attention and public outrage means gardener won’t go to prison after all, reports SIMON WEBSTER.

Espalier Apples

Homegrown food saves money

June 2011

Sometimes gardeners are reluctant to admit it, but growing your own food saves money. JUSTIN RUSSELL runs through a few quick calculations to show that when it comes to generating astrononical returns on investment, nothing beats organic food gardening.

Backlit Sweetcorn Plants

Getting radical about organics

April 2011

Has the organic gardening and farming movement lost its revolutionary edge? It's time to redsicover the radical spirit of the organic pioneers, suggests Justin Russell.