Organic life

Heirloom Carrots

What's in a Name

December 2011

There's more to plant names than you think. Some bear wonderful names that contribute a sense of poetry to the garden, while other are just plain silly. JUSTIN RUSSELL asks the question, "what's in a name?".

One of India Flint’s natural dye dresses.

Ethical threads

December 2011

The environmental impacts of cotton production have been known for years, but the conventional textile industry remains plagued with problems that affect farmers and consumers, writes SIMON WEBSTER. Plus, an extract from a new book on ethical clothing by India Flint.


Anniversary of the Luddite Uprisings

November 2011

What do you know about the Luddites? Other than the insulting term applied to someone who doesn't have a smart phone or tablet computer, the Luddites have a more in common with organic gardenering than you might think. On the eve of the 200th anniversary of the first Luddite Uprisings, JUSTIN RUSSELL revisits some true radicals.

Banksia Rose Wisteria

Welcome to Spring

September 2011

Some reality TV shows would have you believe that gardening is little more than a way to increase the value of your property or a means of keeping up with Joneses. JUSTIN RUSSELL takes a hatchet to these ideas, and suggests that the benefits of gardening run deep.

Wildlife atlas lives up to billing

August 2011

The Atlas of Living Australia tells you all about what's crawling, flying and growing in your neighbourhood, writes SIMON WEBSTER.