Organic life

Pete's Patch Overview

A visit to Pete's Patch, Hobart

November 2012

JUSTIN RUSSELL visits Pete's Patch, the food garden made famous by Peter Cundall at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.

Organics growing up

November 2012

Certified organics is becoming increasingly mainstream, but there is a downside, SIMON WEBSTER reports. 

Waste not want not

September 2012

Food wastage has been an issue for a long time, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

Shedding some light

August 2012

Thousands of men (and women) are coming out of the woodwork as part of the Men’s Shed movement, finding a place for friendship, handiwork, community gardening and, ultimately, better wellbeing, writes LINDA COCKBURN.

Of dill and dollars

August 2012

What is a bunch of dill really worth? SIMON WEBSTER offers a link to a farmer’s insight.

10 Top Reasons for Going Organic

July 2012

If you’re not already convinced, here are PHIL DUDMAN’S top 10 reasons for growing your own organic food. Spread it around!

A love of fields and food

July 2012

Food writer Rodney Dunn and his family are living their dream in south-eastern Tasmania, growing and harvesting their own produce.

They are offering fellow foodies a chance to share the journey through their farm and cookery school, The Agrarian Kitchen. HELEN CUSHING paid them a visit.

Life Lessons

July 2012

PETER CUNDALL reflects on his lifelong journey of learning about organic gardening.

As a child during the Great Depression of the 1930s, I grew vegetables organically, but didn’t know it. In those days, few people knew what organics was all about anyway. And artificial fertilisers and poisonous sprays were unaffordable, so my little patch remained pure.