What to plant now

Galilee Spinach

What to plant in June

June 2013

The cold is biting in the south, and conditions are perfect for planting in the north. Here are JUSTIN RUSSELL’s tips for what you can plant in June, wherever you are in Australia.

Peter Cundall and 'Two Peters' kale

Kale is king

May 2013

Easy to grow and a rich food source – could anything be better than growing your own organic kale, asks PETER CUNDALL.

Rainbow connection

March 2013

JUSTIN RUSSELL tells the story of the heirloom vegie poster boy, Rainbow Chard.

Winners and losers

March 2013

JUSTIN RUSSELL wonders why, despite a summer of extreme weather, his garden managed to produce an abundance of food. The answer is diversity.

Tomato Seeds

Jobs for October

October 2012

Time waits for no organic gardener. Spring marches on, and JUSTIN RUSSELL offers some tips for the month of October.