Bean Trio

February garden jobs

February 2017

Gardening is a happiness booster, says JUSTIN RUSSELL. Check out his February tips.


December gardening jobs

November 2016

Time in the garden can be hard to find during the silly season. Try JUSTIN RUSSELL's tips for quick garden jobs this December. 

Fruit Fly Crop Protection

October gardening jobs

September 2016

No matter where you garden, JUSTIN RUSSELL's timely advice will keep your plot healthy and productive.

June frost

Gardening jobs for June

May 2016

JUSTIN RUSSELL suggests rugging up and making the most of gardening in cooler weather. Read his tips here.

Artichoke division

What to plant in May

May 2016

Take advantage of forecast rain this month with JUSTIN RUSSELL's planting tips for a wide range of perennial and annual crops.

food is free Ballarat

Food is free!

March 2016

The Victorian city of Ballarat is doing its bit for the food-share movement, writes JESSAMY MILLER.

Perpetual Spinach

March planting ideas

February 2016

With a good chance of decent autumn rains on the way JUSTIN RUSSELL says it's time to get planting!


What to plant in February

February 2016

Summer is gradually coming to a close, which according to JUSTIN RUSSELL, means time to get planting cool season crops.