Get cracking

May 2013

Nuts are bursting with health benefits and flavour, write GRAHAM and ANNEMARIE BROOKMAN.

Action diary for Autumn

April 2013

PHIL DUDMAN says autumn is action time in the organic garden and lists the must-do jobs.

What to do in April

April 2013

April brings a noticable change in season in many parts of Australia. With winter closing in, JUSTIN RUSSELL offers some ideas on what to plant, harvest and tend during mid-autumn.

Outlaw plants

March 2013

JUSTIN RUSSELL challenges the notion that all weeds are pests, and makes cordial with one of his favourite outlaw plants.

Rouge d'Hiver lettuce

Autumn salads

March 2013

Autumn is the perfect time of year to plant salad crops and JUSTIN RUSSELL explains the finer points of sowing lettuces.