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Wet soils

August 2020

Like many gardeners, Penny Woodward's soil is rather sodden at the moment, and she's being very careful not to tread on it.

Mulched tomato seedling

Mulches and mulching

November 2013

As the weather warms up and before soils dry out, PENNY WOODWARD is laying mulch. Why do we mulch and what can we use?

Organic Weed Control

July 2010

PHIL DUDMAN shares somes tips for controlling weeds without using poisons.

Free compost and mulch

June 2010

Some people like to grow their own… others enjoy scouring the suburbs for whatever they can get their hands on. PHIL DUDMAN explores some of the free sources of organic matter… what you can grow and what you can scrounge.

Top mulching tips

February 2010

You can get a good dose of gardening tips from Gardening Australia, ABC TV.
ABC1 Friday nights at 7.30pm. For particular ideas about mulching, search 'mulch' at