Climate change

Plan A - Saving planet earth

Plan A – Saving earth

January 24, 2018

How do we save Earth’s life-support systems and ourselves in the process? Dr Reese Halter reports. 

The CSIRO’s Newcastle solar thermal station

Renewable energy breakthroughs

January 25, 2016

Dr. REESE HALTER reveals some of the technological, social and farming

breakthroughs that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate in crisis

November 9, 2015

Dr. REESE HALTER looks at current climate change conditions and measures to avert crisis.


Worms help the soil

Worm warriors

May 29, 2015

Diverse soil communities can limit the effects of climate change, explains PENNY WOODWARD.

bee on echinacea flower

A dying buzz

October 22, 2014

Climate disruption and insecticides known as neonics are proving a deadly combination for bees, writes DR REESE HALTER.

Bloomin' nuisance

March 19, 2010

A daffodil drought has England all of a twitter, SIMON WEBSTER reports.