The male Blue Tiger butterfly collects pollen as it contains pheromones that make it attractive to the female.

The power of pollination

August 2019

Pollination is necessary for our gardens to thrive so it's handy to understand how we can help all those beneficial insects and animals do their work.

Natural honeycomb showing brood, pollen and capped honey

All abuzz

April 2017

Kirsten Bradley shares her sweet secrets of success for keeping bees.

Pumpkin and flower

Pollinating pumpkins

January 2017

Help your pumpkins along with these easy pollination tips from PENNY WOODWARD.


Hyssop highlights

February 2019

Hyssop, says Penny Woodward, attracts bees and butterflies and dispels the ‘nits and itchings of the beard’!


Garden luck

July 2016

Need a little luck in your life? asks PENNY WOODWARD


Inventors Cedar and Stuart Anderson

The bees knees

February 2015

A sweet new Aussie invention is set to revolutionise the beekeeping world, as SIMON WEBSTER discovers.

Red succulent, sedum

Succulent sedums

February 2015

Sometimes we forget about the tough, hard working plants in our gardens, says PENNY WOODWARD

bee on echinacea flower

A dying buzz

October 2014

Climate disruption and insecticides known as neonics are proving a deadly combination for bees, writes DR REESE HALTER.

Pink flower spikes

Beautiful bee magnets

October 2014

Versatile, tough and very beautiful, PENNY WOODWARD asks what more could you want from Echium?