Issue 58 - November/December 2011

One of India Flint’s natural dye dresses.

Ethical threads

December 2011

The environmental impacts of cotton production have been known for years, but the conventional textile industry remains plagued with problems that affect farmers and consumers, writes SIMON WEBSTER. Plus, an extract from a new book on ethical clothing by India Flint.

A predatory hoverfly attracted to coriander flowers.

Flower Power

December 2011

As the caterpillar breeding season begins in earnest, fight them with flowers, writes

Joe (far left) and Antonia (far right) with four of their sons and three apprentices.

Milk in the veins

August 2011

Elgaar Farm is a pioneering family dairy and cropping farm that has been paving the way in organic and sustainable practices for almost 25 years. HELEN CUSHING visits this Tasmanian treasure.