Issue 48 - March/April 2010

Succulent spears of freshly picked asparagus are delicious raw or cooked.

A vegetable to invest in

March 2010

Asparagus is a tough, rewarding, long-term vegetable that, once established, will give many years of nutritious spears, writes PENNY WOODWARD.

Swan Eggs, Valley Of The Mists Wetlands

Valley of the Mist

February 2010

Dennis and Marilyn Ryan grow native foods and organic citrus on their property near Macksville (NSW), but caring for the valuable wetland that laps their backyard is just as big a passion. MARC LLEWELLYN visits.

Burdock leaf in early autumn, ready for the roots to be harvested.


February 2010

Burdock (X Arctium lappa X) may be a tough, unglamorous and thistle–like, but it has a delicious edible root and invaluable medicinal uses, writes PENNY WOODWARD.