Winter 2020


Vegie patch success!

The latest Organic Gardener has all you need for growing success, filled with naturally great ideas to help you plant a vegie patch that's overflowing with goodness!

Learn how easy it is to make compost and the secret to filling your garden with vegies to feed your family all year round -- it's all in the planning and one of our favourite gardeners, Justin Russell, tells you how to go about it.

Also, our guide to chook basics by Jessamy Miller will help get your henhouse started. And while your at it, read up on growing silverbeet, rainbow chard and plums.

This issue is filled with gardening inspiration from those in the know to keep you busy this winter!





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OG 118 onsale

OG 118 onsale

OG 118 onsale

OG 118 onsale

Grow: Plan your plantings

Justin Russell on how to stagger planting times so you don’t end up with too little or too much of your fave veg.

Grow: Ripe & Fulsome

Grow your own colourful and flavoursome plums with this essential advice from Justin Russell.

Grow: Silverbeet and friends

Lush, prodigious, multicoloured, nutritious: Helen Cushing reveals the rich tapestry of silverbeet.

Ethical farming: Believing in tomorrow

Jade Miles and family - amid their orchards, animals and community - are working hard towards a vision of holistic small-scale farming.

Organic basics: Give me heaps

Penny Woodward explains the essentials of compost making - it's not rocket science and is highly satisfying.

Poultry: Time for chickens 

If you are new to chook keeping, or thinking about bringing some feathered friends into your life, Jessamy Miller explains what you need and what to expect.

Action: Snap to it

There is plenty of tidying, tool cleaning, pruning and planting to do this winter. 

Harvest: Deep in winter 

Sophie Hansen's winters are long and cold, which leads to plenty of warm, nourishing food.

Organic wine: Free agent

From slow beginnings, preservative-free wines are growing in number and popularity - Max Allen looks at why.

Conversation: Sophie Cunningham

Simon Webster talks to author Sophie Cunningham about her latest book, the role of trees in healing the Earth and its people, and the stories they contain.

Climate crisis action: Aiming for zero

Simon Webster introduces our new series on strategies and initiatives to reverse global warming.

Climate solutions: Kelped crusader 

Emma Castle investigates how algae, especially seaweed, can be a major player in fighting the climate crisis.


Plus all our regular articles…

  • Editor’s letter 

  • Organic matters – the latest news and events

  • Organic market: A natural choice

  • Organic plant: Karen Sutherland introduces some delightful shrubs to attract butterflies and insects. 

  • Organic library – the latest books

  • Losing the plot: When all seemed lost 

    Things get desperate for Simon Webster when seeds and seedlings become scarce.

  • Competition: Win one of five Tumbleweed worm buffet prize packs valued at $109 each!

  • Gardening on your ABC – Your ABC local radio and TV gardening guide