Winter 2019

Our latest issue will take the chill out of the winter months!

We're celebrating 20 years of Organic Gardener with an issue packed with naturally great ideas!

The chill may have arrived but it's the perfect time to curl up with the latest issue of Organic Gardener and dream big about your garden! Learn how to grow nutritious pears and fast-growing Asian greens in your own backyard, as well as the best blooms to plant now for late winter and spring colour. Our special report on the organic movement, plus our indepth look at ethical investment, will get you thinking and planning. The future is definitely organic!

There's much more to read, plant and grow, so get a hold of our latest issue today!

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Grow: Pears – belles of the ball            

Justin Russell adores luscious, nutritious pears and wants them to get as much attention as their close cousin the apple – as well as recognition of their many advantages in a changing climate. 

Grow: Easy, fast, delicious!            

Helen McKerral explores the expanding world of fast-growing Asian greens that you can grow yourself. 

Special report: The future is organic

To mark our 20th anniversary, Simon Webster looks at the organic movement in Australia, speaks to some leaders in the industry, and refreshes our memory on the importance of being truly ‘organic’. 

Grow: On the edge              

Many herbs can double as hedges and borders, writes Penny Woodward, providing beauty and scent, a haven for insects and demarcation for garden beds. 

Action: Winter planning            

Now is the perfect time to consider your garden and think about what you may want to do differently. 

Harvest: Cooking for the bush       

A new book aims to raise money for farmers doing it tough from drought, telling their stories and providing delicious recipes using our diverse produce.

Community: Wednesday’s garden sanctuary        

What is believed to be the first organic community garden in WA is thriving 30 years on. Shelley Cullen, one of the first volunteers, tells the story.

Ethical investment: Your money and the planet            

Divestment from fossil fuels is picking up pace and raising awareness of how ethical investment can lead to a better world, writes Simon Webster.

Organic planet: Can you hear me?

Swedish schoolgirl activist Greta Thunberg’s powerful speech to the British Parliament may one day be seen as a pivotal point in the climate change debate. 

Poultry: Backyard biosecurity         

Jessamy Miller explains how to keep pathogens and other nasties away from your poultry.

Beekeeping: Choosing the right hive

Kelly Lees explains the different types of beehives, so you can make the right choice for you and your backyard. 


Plus all our regular articles…

  • Editor’s letter 
  • Organic matters – the latest news and events.

  • Organic market. 

  • Organic plant: Penny Woodward suggests some annual flower seeds that can be planted in your garden now for late winter and spring colour.

  • Organic advice – our experts answer your gardening questions.

  • Organic library – the latest books.

  • Losing the plot: Simon Webster contemplates the simple pleasures of taking his dog for a walk.

  • Competition – Win a walk-in greenhouse from Maze valued at $1100!

  • Gardening on your ABC – Your ABC local radio and TV gardening guide.