Summer 2021/2022

Helping you bring the organic buzz to your garden!

The latest issue of ABC Organic Gardener is filled with naturally great ideas to help you have a happy and healthy garden (and home) in 2022. Start the new year with all the buzz on attracting bees to your garden: including the best flowers for year-round pollen. Plus, how to introduce kids to bees safely.

Our experts have also written features about growing water plants, ginger and turmeric, cucumbers and avocados – all in your own backyard! 

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130 Bees by Karen Sutherland

130 Gympie Gold cucumber by Gap Photos Tim Gainey

130 Avocados by Karen Sutherland

130 Community food co-op by Maja Baska

130 Harvest by Armelle Habib


Plant: Water lovers

Jian Liu introduces some rewarding edible and ornamental water plants.

Grow: Smooth operators

There’s no need to pay for avocados when you can grow them in your own backyard, writes Karen Sutherland.

Grow: Get into the zing

Penny Woodward explores the spicy Zingerberaceae family – think ginger, turmeric and galangal.

Grow: Salad essential

Simon Webster loves his cucumbers and has had bumper harvests over the years. Here are his tips for success.

Bees: Getting the buzz

Karen Sutherland reveals the best flowering plants and other essentials to support bees in your garden.

Bees: Kids and beekeeping

Kelly Lees explains how to gently nurture a child’s interest in bees and beekeeping.

Basics: A cut above

Penny Woodward looks at the best hand tools for cutting, trimming, lopping and shaping.

Natural solutions: Out damned spot!

Denis Crawford looks at target spot and tomato russet mite, two of the culprits that can ruin a tomato crop.

Action: Bring in the bees

There’s heaps to do in the summer garden, including encouraging bees to visit and stay.

Planet: The toxic mulch effect

Simon Webster and Penny Woodward reveal how agricultural chemicals can affect compost and manures.

Harvest: The joy of living

In her new book, Home, Stephanie Alexander shares recipes and recollections from her 50-year career.

Organic living: Giving a community more than food

Community owned food co-operatives offer an ethical alternative to grocery giants, but what makes them work? Jacqueline Forster takes a look.

Nature: Lure of the wild

An excerpt from the award-winning Diary of a Young Naturalist gives a taste of 15-year-old Dara McAnulty’s interactions with nature in Northern Ireland.

Organic skincare: Stay fresh!

Beat the heat (and avoid plastic waste) with this recipe for a non-toxic deodorant from Natural Harry.  

Plus our regular articles…

  • Editor’s letter 
  • Organic matters: The latest news and events
  • Market: Summer fun
  • Competition: Your chance to win a raised wicking bed from Vegepod worth $520!
  • Losing the plot: Simon Webster says his life with chickens has been an "action-packed adventure".
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