Summer 2021

Make the most of your garden this summer!

Go wild in your garden this summer with the latest ABC Organic Gardener! Learn how to grow eggplant, edible flowers and bananas, plus discover why those noisy frogs in your backyard are a good thing -- and how we can help protect them.

We also look at the rewilding movement which aims to bring back not just trees, but the apex animals and other vital species that will restore whole ecologies. Justin Russell explores rewilding this issue, from reintroducing wolves to Yellowstone National Park, to Australia’s push into regenerative agriculture.

There's heaps of naturally great ideas to fill your summer!

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123 eggplant by iStock

123 Dwarf Cavendish bananas by Penny Woodward

123 TriciaEco garden by Tricia Hogbin

123 In Praise of Veg by Alice Zaslavksy and pictures Ben Dearnley

123 rewilding by iStock

Plant: Super succulents

Karen Sutherland selects some stand-out succulents to plant in your garden now.

Grow: Shiny stars of the vegie world

Helen McKerral uncovers the origins, colour and diversity of eggplants, plus all the essentials so you can grow your own.

Grow: Bumper backyard bananas 

Add to your self-sufficiency by growing bananas, whether in the tropics or cool climates. Simon Webster explains how.

Grow: Blooming delicious 

Karen Sutherland uses edible flowers from her garden to add colour and flavour to dishes, brew teas, and create delicious cordials and preserves. Here's how you can do it, too.

Organic living: Space to breathe        

The Australian bush can be beautiful and at times harsh, but connecting with the land can be immensely rewarding, as Tricia Hogbin and her family discovered.

Organic nature: We want frogs! 

Penny Woodward tells how to build a frog pond and encourage frogs into our gardens − and why this is vital for their survival. Plus, meet some Aussie frogs.

Action: Create some wildness        

There’s no need to totally tame your garden this summer, plus seasonal to-do tips for your climate. 

Harvest: Summer dazzle           

It may be all about vegetables but there is nothing boring about Alice Zaslavsky’s dazzling new book In Praise of Veg.

Harvest: It’s only natural         

Go waste and chemical-free by making your own home and personal care products from scratch. Start with these simple recipes from Harriet Birrell.

Planet: Rewilding the planet

Can the mass restoration of ecosystems help against the climate emergency and cascading extinction of species? Justin Russell reports.

Poultry: Hey chooks, eat your greens!

Jessamy Miller is on the lookout for chook greens to grow and forage. Plus, tips for keeping chooks cool.

Summer reads: Your favourite books

We ran a book pack competition recently with the question: ‘What is your favourite gardening, nature or food book and why’. Here’s what you said!


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