Summer 2020

Fill your summer with naturally great gardening ideas!

Beat the heat this summer with the latest issue of Organic Gardener -- it's filled with tips and ideas for your home and garden to help keep you and the planet healthy.

You’ll learn how easy it is to grow your own healthy microgreens and bake delicious sourdough bread with your own homemade starter, as well as small-scale tricks for efficient water use. We also look at what it means to go off-grid, why it’s a good thing to do and consider how even little changes can help the environment. Let's protect the planet together!

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OG 114 onsale

OG 114 onsale

OG 114 onsale

OG 114 onsale

OG 114 onsale

Grow: Build a garden, not a bunker

Justin Russell looks for food that will provide resilience, nourishment and productivity in a changing world.

Grow: Windowsill wonders

It’s easy and rewarding to grow your own nutrient-packed microgreens and sprouts, Penny Woodward says.

Solutions: Top water-saving tips

Discover Penny Woodward's simple, small-scale tricks for efficient water use.

Herb: Five-seasons herb            

Penny Woodward explores a versatile and useful herb grown throughout the world.

Action: A new year beckons            

There is plenty to do in the summer garden – planting, harvesting, seed saving, and controlling weeds and pests.  

Harvest: Bread winners            

A community supported bakery provides “delicious resilience” for the community, writes Kirsten Bradley. 

Poultry: We're hooked on chooks

Beware: chickens provide much more than just eggs and free fertiliser, they can take over your life.

Planet: Going off-grid 

Simon Webster investigates what it means to go ‘off-grid’.

Planet: The great relinquishment

Linda Cockburn says that as planetary caretakers we need to face reality and focus on actions to bring change.

Planet: Living and loving the wild

Living seven years in the wilds of New Zealand brought Miriam Lancewood closer to Earth’s natural rhythms.

Life: My new micro home            

Regular contributor Dr Reese Halter has left smog-filled Los Angeles behind for a heavenly micro home.

Beekeeping: Bee behaviour

Kelly Lees says bees have an extraordinary range of behaviours that help you monitor the wellbeing of your hives.

Health: A woman's choice 

Kylie McGregor looks at the health and eco benefits of choosing certified organic personal care. 


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