Spring 2021

Tomatoes, chooks and more!

Get the latest issue of ABC Organic Gardener and discover how to fill your patch with the tastiest of tomatoes, with expert tips on maximising your harvest, plus easy ways to preserve these beauties. Also, natural ways to stop snails and slugs from chomping away at your garden and expert tips on raising your own chicks. 

It wouldn't be a spring issue without plenty of growing ideas, including how to brighten up your backyard with gorgeous cosmos flowers and making the most of the often maligned choko -- it's time to give these fast-growing perennials a chance!

And the buzz at OG this spring is wasps! Yes, they can be beneficial and we tell you why!

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128 Tomatoes by Helen McKerral

128 Cosmos flowers by Melanie Kercheval

128 Chokos by Karen Sutherland

128 Cheryl McGaffin of Daniel's Run by Kirsten Bresciani

128 Chicks by Jessamy Miller

Plant: Spring heirlooms

Karen Sutherland selects four super-productive vegetables to plant now.

Organic profile: Daniel's Run

Penny Woodward visits a tomato grower whose innovative techniques produce striking heirloom varieties.

Garden to table: A saucy affair

Helen McKerral explains how to preserve small backyard tomato harvests, plus tips on getting the best crop.

Grow: Flower fairies

Eliza Henry-Jones has long loved the delightful and generous cosmos flower.

Grow: Give chokos a chance

Perennial, fast growing and productive, the often maligned choko is one of Karen Sutherland's favourites.

Organic solutions: Stop that chomping!

Penny Woodward outlines effective strategies to deter and kill the eternal bane of gardeners - snails and slugs.

Organic nature: Wasp world

Wasps are the most beneficial group of insects in our gardens. Denis Crawford takes a closer look at them.

Action: Here comes the heat

Efficient watering, mulching and providing shade are all on the list of jobs for spring.

Basics: Up, up & away

Karen Sutherland looks at the benefits of raised container gardens and how best to manage them.

Harvest: For the plate and the planet

In her new book Low Tox Life Food, Alexx Stuart focuses on sourcing produce from organic and regenerative farmers, reducing waste and avoiding ultra-processed foods.

Organic living: Lemony mozzie bar

Mosquitoes love Natural Harry, so when they come out so does her homemade repellent.

Wine: The froth on pet-nat wines

Max Allen explores the raw, rustic and in vogue pet-nat wines and the winemakers bringing them to life.

Poultry: Raising chicks naturally

Jessamy Miller explains the intricacies of raising chicks, either bred from your own flock, or via purchased fertilised eggs and your broody hens.


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