Spring 2020

Our spring issue is here!

There's lots to do in the garden this spring and with the latest issue of ABC Organic Gardener magazine, you will have the information and inspiration you need to get everything done!

Learn all about growing crunchy corn and colourful sunflowers as well as make plant tonics that will give your plants a health kick this spring.

Our horticultural editor, Penny Woodward, talks to dwarf tomatoe breeder Patrina Nuske-Small as well as delving into some more unusual herbs that add a lovely flavour to cooking as well as scents that fill your garden. And our chook expert, Jessamy Miller, looks at ways to build relationships with your chooks so they become calm and trusing.

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120 Jade Miles and her corn by Karen Webb

120 Prado Rad sunflower by iStock

120 Comfrey tonic by Alamy

120 Eggplant recipe from Flavour by Yotam Ottolenghi. Image by Jonathan Lovekin

120 Rose and her Faverolle cross by Honey Atkinson

Plant: Hot hits  

Justin Russell finds some floral beauties that you will want to plant this spring.

Grow: Cobbing it sweet            

It’s time to get your teeth into some juicy, homegrown sweet corn. Jade Miles tells how.

Grow: Sensational sunflowers    

Brighten up your garden with gorgeous, iconic sunflowers. Helen McKerral explains how and where to grow them, and what varieties to choose.

Herbs: The herbal difference     

Herb expert Penny Woodward delves into some  more unusual herbs – their flavours, use in the kitchen and growing tips.

Grow: Small but big on flavour     

Penny Woodward talks to dwarf tomato breeder Patrina Nuske-Small about her journey into gardening and the delicious world of modern heirloom tomatoes.

Organic solutions: Scale it back

Justin Russell looks at how to control scale naturally.

Basics: Just the tonic           

Learn how to make plant tonics that will give your plants a health kick this spring.

Action: Rejuvenation time

It’s time for planting spring seedlings, watching out for pests and lapping up the sunshine.

Harvest: Vegetable lovers       

Yotam Ottolenghi and fellow chef Ixta Belfrage celebrate the limitless potential of vegetables in their new cookbook Flavour.

Poultry: Let's be friends       

Jessamy Miller looks at ways to build a relationship with your chickens so they become calm and trusting – and even do tricks.

Bushfire recovery: Beyond the fires

Kerrie Smith’s garden was severely damaged by fires in 2017. She tells the story of that day and how she sees the recovery as a chapter in her long gardening history.

Living: Home sweet sustainable home

In his new book, The Sustainable House Handbook, Josh Byrne lets the light shine into his energy-efficient home, designed from scratch to be eco-friendly inside and out. 

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