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Start with a guide to growing tomatoes in pots and our pick of waterwise succulents that are perfect for the hot months ahead, plus aloe vera for skin repair. There's fabulous flowers to plant now for a splash of colour, heirloom melons that are a must for every garden and how to deal with broody hens! You'll also want to spring into action with our tips on preparing for seasonal extremes.

There's much more to read, plant and grow, so get a hold of our latest issue today!

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tomatoes in baskets

Paul West's pea & feta fritters

aloe vera

Spring into action 

20th anniversary: Part of the family

Penny Woodward reflects on being part of the organic community and more than 16 years as a contributor to Organic Gardener. Plus, her first-ever column.

Grow: Growing tomatoes in pots

Take advantage of limited space and sunshine by growing smaller tomato cultivars in containers.

Health: Golden tomatoes

Penny Woodward tells of new research pointing to the wonderful health benefits of golden/orange tomatoes.

Grow: A medley of melons            

Justin Russell welcomes you to the wonderful world of Cucumis melo: from honeydew to rockmelon.

Basics: Watertight

Collecting rainwater is not only good for the environment, plants prefer it to mains water, writes Jessamy Miller.

Basics: Spring into action            

Helen McKerral says we can prepare our gardens to cope with seasonal extremes of heat, rain and storms.

Flowers: Pick of the bunch            

Treat yourself to a garden full of dazzling flowers with these spring-planted favourites from Lentil Purbrick.

Action: The heat is on            

Summer can be hard work in the garden, But if you prepare in spring it will be easier to care for your patch.

Harvest: The latest from Paul West

Get a taste for the recipes in Paul West’s new book, in which he shows how to transform fresh produce into delicious meals.

Health: When it all gels

Penny Woodward looks at the wonders of soothing Aloe Vera and how to grow your own.

Conversation: Patrice Newell

Simon Webster talks to biodynamic farmer and author of Who’s Minding the Farm, Patrice Newell.

Life: On a roll

Simon Webster explores the environmental costs of toilet paper and why so few of us buy recycled.

Poultry: The best nest

To encourage chooks to lay plenty of eggs, it makes sense to provide optimal nesting conditions, writes Jessamy Miller.

Beekeeping: Queenspotting

The queen bee is an incredible, elusive insect, and the most important bee in the hive, explains Kelly Lees.


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