September 2018

Organic Gardener puts a spring in your step 

With spring just around the corner, ABC Organic Gardener preps you for busy days in the garden. Grow delicious brambleberries for summertime sweetness, discover the colourful world of heirloom corn, and plant flowers to bring bees buzzing into your patch. Plus, we continue our war on waste – visiting a family working hard towards zero waste, and sharing achievable tips for every household.

With all this and much, much more it's your ideal springtime reading!

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Grow: Corn fights back

Justin Russell introduces the world of heirloom corn, including eating, flour and popping cultivars you may not have seen before. Plus, the ins and outs of growing, harvesting and seed saving. 

Grow: The business of bees

Our new book, The Contented Bee, reveals what to plant in your patch to bring bees into your garden, including flowering vegies and weeds that provide bee food, and introduces some inspiring Aussie beekeepers 

Grow your own curry

Leonie Shanahan gets all aromatic with the amazing curry leaf tree. 

Grow: Brambling about

Helen McKerral investigates the juicy world of brambleberries, from boysenberries to youngberries, including training and pruning for beginners that
will have you producing luscious fruit in no time. 

Solutions: Weed attack!

Penny Woodward says it’s important to get in early and be persistent to control weeds. Here she provides some homemade and commercial control options. 

Action: Make room for spring

Spring is a time of burgeoning growth in the garden. To help it along, refresh your compost with quick-rotting compost herbs: yarrow, chamomile, comfrey and nettles. 

Living: Grow it. Make it. Keep it.

Honey Atkinson and her family are aiming for a waste- free life. Emma Castle investigates.  

Living: Zero in on waste

With the latest ABC War on Waste series now airing, Jessamy Miller tells how to cut plastic use in and around the home. 

Conversation: Clive Blazey

Simon Webster talks with author, eco-activist and seed entrepreneur Clive Blazey.    

Digging in for the long haul 

In its 40th anniversary year, The Diggers Club remains committed to heirloom and organic gardening. 

Health: A stinging sensation 

Arabella Forge explores the many health benefits of the feisty stinging nettle.

Harvest: From little things

Alexx Stuart, author of Low Tox Life, shares her real food manifesto and two recipes. 

Poultry: The right tucker

Poultry health and rate of lay can be dramatically affected by diet, says Jessamy Miller. 



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