October 2016

Celebrate spring with Organic Gardener's October issue! 

This issue Organic Gardener celebrates Organic Awareness Month with feature articles, news stories and competitions!

We explore the wild new world of tomatoes, from heirlooms to best-tasting toms and growing advice with Penny Woodward; grow ancient grains – chia, quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth – with the help of Justin Russell; meet North Queensland organic innovators Gary and Angela Spotswood; taste test basil, from sweet and fragrant to spicy and peppery; and spring into action, harvesting and cooking leeks and strawberries, with Julie Ray. 

We also have features on the end of solar feed-in tariffs and what that means for you, dealing with pesky aphids, building a roosting box for microbats, and the good egg on choosing top layers for your hen house. Plus much, much more.  

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Grow: New wild world of tomatoes

Groups of intrepid gardeners around Australia are breeding unusual heirloom tomatoes, finds Penny Woodward. Plus, we search for the best-tasting toms and add some growing advice.

Grow: Ancient grains

From chia and quinoa to buckwheat and amaranth, ancient grains are being rediscovered, so why not try your hand at growing them, writes Justin Russell.

Grow: The best of basil

Penny Woodward explores basil: from sweet and fragrant to spicy and peppery, there’s more than one type for
your kitchen garden.

Ornamental: Aromatic agastaches!

Karen Sutherland looks at the many and varied offerings of agastaches, from edible flowers
and leaves to their bee-attracting and drought-tolerant qualities.

Action: Growth burst

As the weather warms up, so does the level of action in the garden. Let’s get into it! 

Solutions: Dealing with aphids

Spring brings ideal conditions for aphids. Denis Crawford explains how to prevent and control these prolific pests.

Basics: Wonderful worms

Recycling kitchen scraps through a worm farm provides valuable worm castings and juice to improve garden soil and plant growth, writes Jessamy Miller.

Profile: Out of the box

Converting to organics has given Gary and Angela Spotswood a renewed passion for farming.

Planet: New solar horizons

Solar feed-in tariff schemes are ending in three states this year. How will this affect solar-panel owners and what new options do they have?

Profile: Appetite for change

A lack of healthy options led to the world’s first certified organic fast-food chain and its farm program.   

Harvest: Spring a leek

Julie Ray springs into action, harvesting and cooking up a storm with new season leeks and strawberries.

Conversation: Alan Druce

Alan Druce has been working his broadacre farm without synthetic chemicals for more than 50 years.    

Wildlife: Going batty

Penny Woodward looks at amazing microbats, including how to build your own bat box.

Poultry: Layer upon layer

Jessamy Miller reveals how to choose top layers – and keep them in good health for abundant egg production. 

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