November/December 2017

The heat is on with the latest issue of Organic Gardener!

With summer just around the corner it's tomato time! We reveal the best varieties to grow for salads, sauces, slicing, stuffing and more, and investigate growing your own coffee and buying Fair Trade. 

Also featured is a watering special with all the essential advice to keep your garden happy this summer, recipes from popular foodie Annabel Langbein, how to grow tubers from turmeric to yacon, and your summer action plan, including what to plant and pests to look out for. 

With all this and much, much more it's a jam-packed issue!

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Coffee beans

tubers to try

Watering tips for the summer months

Old age 'hensioners'

Berlin community garden

Annabel Langbein recipes

Grow: Tomatoes for all occasions 

The stakes are high in the tomato-growing world. To ensure you get it right, Paul West reveals the best varieties for salads, slicing, saucing, stuffing and drying, and explains the colour/flavour connection.   

Grow: Full of beans

Simon Webster says growing your own coffee is a satisfying labour of love, but if you don’t have the space or right climate, then organic and fair trade coffee is the way to go.  

Grow: Tubers

Justin Russell explores the world of lesser-known tubers, how to grow them, and their value in a changing world.  

Design: Watering that works

Justin Russell showers you with irrigation ideas to keep your garden efficiently watered this summer. 

Ornamental: Beautiful bergamot

A gift in the garden, this herbaceous plant’s aromatic leaves and flowers are used in cooking, and to flavour tea and attract nectar-loving birds and insects. 

Solutions: Much ado about mulches 

Penny Woodward extolls the virtues of mulch, investigates the different varieties and shares an earthworm-attracting lucerne tea recipe. 

Action: Summer lovin'

Set your garden up for success now and reap the rewards all summer long.

Community gardens: Berlin's guerrilla gardens

Guerrilla gardens are delivering food and community for a once divided city, writes Bella Peacock.

Poultry: Old age 'hensioners'

After years of providing for you, your fowls deserve a well-thought-out retirement plan. Jessamy Miller explores. 

Project: DIY beeswax wraps 

Make beeswax wraps to help keep food and reduce your single-use plastic consumption, writes Jessamy Miller.  

Harvest: Riffing in the kitchen

Annabel Langbein introduces some fabulous recipes with fresh ingredients from her garden. 

Conversation: Andre Leu

Global organics expert André Leu shares his insights into the industry and its future, writes Kylie McGregor. 

Health: Love your lutein greens

Want to combat cognitive ageing? Try lutein-rich leafy greens, writes flower-munching Penny Woodward.






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