November/December 2016

Toast summer with the latest issue of Organic Gardener

In this issue of Organic Gardener we bite into the juicy world of watermelons with Simon Webster; learn to grow colourful capsicums with Justin Russell; and investigate the latest market-gardening techniques of Canadian ‘rockstar’ Jean-Martin Fortier with Linda Cockburn. Plus, there are delicious recipes for morning pancakes and luscious desserts, plans for planting a blossoming perennial border, and summer snacks to keep your chickens cool. Plus much, much more...

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Lentil Purbrick


Spring chicken soup


Peter Cundall's favourite hoe

Losing the plot

Grow: Wonderful watermelons

Simon Webster gets sticky exploring the world of watermelons and how to grow them, plus how to use those seeds!

Grow: Crazy for capsicums

Justin Russell gets to the seedy heart of capsicums and comes to the conclusion we’d be ‘stuffed’ without them.    

Ornamental: Painting with perennials

Create a dazzling garden bed of bright flowering perennials you will enjoy for years to come. Karen Sutherland tells how and provides a sample plan.

Profile: Farming with nature

Simplicity, sustainability and connection inform life on the farm for Grown & Gathered market gardeners, flower traders and fearless farmers, writes one half of the team Lentil Purbrick.

Farming: Pile it high, watch it fly!

Linda Cockburn gets down and practical with renowned Canadian micro-farmer Jean-Martin Fortier and adds her own tips for market gardening success.

Action: Summer Cornucopia

With so much growth, flowers, fruit and vegetables, now is a blooming great time to get into the garden. 

Basics: Weeding wisdom

Penny Woodward investigates the best methods to be rid of weeds, including flame weeders, tools and the latest organic sprays. Plus, Peter Cundall chips in with some advice on hoes.

Solutions: Itchy Times

Bloodsucking mosquitoes and ticks are a constant torment to gardeners, especially over summer. Denis Crawford explains how to deal with them and their bites.

Reflection: Catching solitude

For more than 80 years, Peter Cundall has taken time out to catch up and marvel at Mother Nature.  

Project: Outdoor showers

As gardeners, many of us spend hours setting up sprinklers and drip lines to water our plants, but what about watering ourselves after a hard day’s hoeing? Simon Webster explores.    

Conversation: David Holmgren

Kirsten Bradley speaks with David Holmgren, the co-originator* of the Permaculture concept, who is about to release a new book Retrosuburbia – a Downshifter’s Guide to a Resilient Future.   

Harvest: All things come alive

Enjoy these scrumptious recipes, from morning pancakes to luscious dessert, from Grown & Gathered, the new book by market gardeners, Matt and Lentil Purbrick.

Poultry: Healthy treats for poultry

Keep your chickens snack happy, but don’t spoil them silly, writes Jessamy Miller.

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  • Losing the plot: The reluctant guardian – When a friend charges you with safeguarding her rare heirlooms, the stakes (and not just tomato-supporting varieties) are high, writes Simon Webster. 
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