November-December 2015

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Grow ravishing radishes, juicy pineapples, pepinos, tomatillos and bug-friendly blooms. Get started with natural beekeeping, check out the latest innovations in renewable energy and meet the new face of farming – from uni to the farm – two twenty-somethings who are wowing Sydney chefs with their lovingly grown organic produce.

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New kids

Laws of attraction

Grow: Ravishing radishes

Radishes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow and diverse in flavour, making them a must for the kitchen garden, writes Arabella Forge.

Grow: Find your sol mate

Justin Russell introduces some of the more uncommon, but especially delicious, members of the Solanaceae family – from pepino to tomatillo.

Grow: She’ll be pineapples

The main requirement for growing your own sweet, juicy pineapples is a little patience, says Phil Dudman.

Ornamental: True colours

Add colour and aroma to your garden with some top-performing flowers, writes Karen Sutherland.

Profile: New kids on the block

Jacqueline Forster meets a young, innovative couple who are helping change the face of farming.

Life: Bee-keeping

Kirsten Bradley shares her sweet secrets of success for keeping bees, naturally.

Design: Power change

Dr Reese Halter reveals some exciting innovations that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Planet: Under the weather

Simon Webster investigates the impacts of global warming on farming methods and food supplies, and how organics might be the solution.

Harvest: Cracking corn

Phil Dudman and Julie Ray talk stalks, of corn that is – how to harvest the first golden cobs of the season and cook up a feast! Plus Max Allen’s wine choices.

Action: Get out and get productive

Seasonal advice from our experts, including protecting plants from heat, seed saving, pest alerts and more.

Basic: The big cover-up

Peter Cundall shares his simple techniques for smothering invasive weeds.

Solutions: Laws of attraction

Penny Woodward looks at the important role of good bugs in the organic garden and how to attract them.

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  • Organic conversation - Alecia Wood meets agro-ecologist Eric Holt-Gimenez.
  • Organic market - water- and energy-saving products for the garden.
  • Organic plant - resilient plants for our changing climate.
  • Organic advice - our experts answer your gardening questions.
  • Organic library - the latest books.
  • Losing the plot - no pest regime is foolproof, but Simon Webster has developed a unique system that works for him.
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