Natural Solutions

The latest ABC Organic Gardener Essential Guide has all the answers you need for non-toxic living in the garden and home.

Garden pests and diseases go under the microscope in Natural Solutions, the 12th in the ABC Organic Gardener Essential Guide magazine series.

Writers including insect expert Denis Crawford and organic pest management guru Frances Michaels offer non-toxic solutions for everything from aphids to whitefly.

Don’t know your anthracnose from your downy mildew? Not to worry. Our experts tackle plant diseases too, with tips on identifying (including colour photos) and ridding your plants of all manner of wilts, viruses and bacterial diseases.


Topics include:

  • How to create a garden eco-system that will keep pests in check
  • Where to buy beneficial insects that will kill the bad guys
  • Information on non-toxic homemade sprays and organic commercial products
  • Other chemical-free garden solutions, such as netting and fruit bags
  • How to create healthy soil that will make your plants stronger

No one wants to spray harmful chemicals on the food they’re growing in their backyard.

“Organic gardening isn’t easy when you’ve got pests zooming in from every angle, wanting to share your crops,” says Essential Guides editor Simon Webster. “Fortunately, solutions do exist. From encouraging good bugs to covering crops with nets, to using non-toxic sprays, there are plenty of techniques out there for organic gardeners.”

Natural Solutions also offers solutions for other garden problems, including a fully illustrated guide to what your leaves are telling you about the nutrients in your soil.

We also tackle chemicals in the home, with stories including:

  • 10 toxic truths: the chemicals in our day-to-day lives, by Professor Marc Cohen
  • Chemical-free solutions for home cleaning, head lice, sun protection and more

Writers also include Peter Cundall, Shannon Lush and Penny Woodward.

The ABC Organic Gardener Essential Guide: Natural Solutions is on sale from May 2nd, 2016, and costs $10.95. It is available from all good newsagents, ABC Centres, ABCShop online, and the Organic Gardener website.

Digital version also available at

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