May/June 2019

The latest issue of Organic Gardener is filled with naturally great gardening ideas!

We have your to-do list well and truly covered for the cooler months in this issue. Rediscover the joys of kale (and learn how to cook it so it tastes delicious!), read up on growing oranges in your own backyard and the benefits of extending your crop with greenhouses and polytunnels. Plus, a look at fertilising options for vegan gardeners, simple recipes using indigenous plants and foods, and how to stay safe while caring for your bees. And you won’t want to miss the interview with science broadcasting legend Robyn Williams. 

There's much more to read, plant and grow in the colder months, so get a hold of an issue today!

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109 Oranges

109 greenhouses

109 insects

109 harvest

109 goji 

Grow: Oranges! More than just fruit

Beauty, shade, screening and a delirious scent means oranges can be a garden highlight, says Helen McKerral. 

Grow: Kale revisited       

Not long ago kale was on every menu, but then disenchantment set in. Now Lentil Purbrick wants to re-inspire you to grow, cook and eat this beneficial leafy green.

Solutions: Animal-free fertilisers

Karen Sutherland outlines the fertiliser and soil amendment options for vegan gardeners.

Basics: Greenhouse growing

Justin Russell looks at how greenhouses and polytunnels can be used to extend your growing season and protect vulnerable crops from cold and heat.

Planet: Where have all the insects gone?        

Reese Halter investigates new research revealing the alarming loss of insects all over the planet.

Action: Cool preparations

Put on your jacket and gloves, your garden needs you! Here are the things to plant, jobs to do and pests to watch out for as the cool season takes hold.

Harvest: Food from the past, food for the future

A new book by Damien Coulthard and Rebecca Sullivan – Warndu Mai (Good Food) – is another bold step towards the use of indigenous foods in our Australian kitchens.

Living: Home, green home

Looking for ideas to make your home more eco-friendly? Simon Webster spoke to the owners of three lean, green homes you can visit this September on Sustainable House Day.

Conversation: Robyn Williams

Simon Webster talks to science broadcasting legend Robyn Williams about the frustration of decades of inaction on climate change and the prospect of technology saving the day.

Beekeeping: Be protected

Is your fear of being stung holding you back from keeping bees? Kelly Lees explains how to care for bees safely.

Poultry: Low-waste chook keeping

Jessamy Miller loves a low-waste fowl yard, aiming for long-lasting coops, feeders and waterers, recycling green waste and even your chook in its final farewell. 




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