May/June 2018

Organic Gardening 101!

Autumn’s in full swing and ABC Organic Gardener is filled with inspired ideas, from growing cool-season cabbages and tasty herbs, to tackling pests on your citrus. Plus, we investigate the secret world of garden fungi, reveal how pesticides are poisoning our kids, and show you how to keep your tools in tip-top shape for a lifetime of gardening…

With all this and much, much more it's your ideal autumn reading!

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Fabulous fungi


Anabel's cabbages

Prom Coast Food Collective

Marta Ng and family

Curried roast vegie soup


Of cabbages and kings

Never one of the glamour vegies, cabbage is now shining as a versatile and nutritious vegetable, writes Annabel Langbein.    

Grow: Winter warmers

Penny Woodward shares some of her favourite herbs to sow now so they’re ready to add to your warming winter dishes.     

Grow: The secret world of garden fungi

Fungi expert and photographer Alison Pouliot explores the curious lives of these overlooked but vital components of our gardens. 

Solutions: Would you just bug off!

Gardeners are forever seeking remedies for the major pests afflicting citrus. Denis Crawford rides to the rescue. 

Basics: Tools for life 

Sharp, well-maintained tools make gardening jobs safer and easier and can connect generations of gardeners, writes Justin Russell.   

Inspiration: Marta's Haven

Marta Ng and her three young children embrace and embody organic gardening and living on their 5-acre farm in southern Tasmania.  

Solutions: Would you just bug off!

Gardeners are forever seeking remedies for the major pests afflicting citrus. Denis Crawford rides to the rescue.

Community gardens: Mullumbimby magic

An award-winning community garden is thriving in the lush subtropics of northern NSW, writes Simon Webster.   

Action: Cool season garden health 

There’s lots to do in the autumn garden to keep pests and diseases at bay, writes our team of experts.  

Living: No ordinary home

Richard Telford tells how he transformed his suburban block into a productive permaculture property demonstrating self-reliance.  

Harvest: A whole lot of nourishment

Harriet Birrell is an avid organic gardener as well as author of two cook books. This issue, she introduces recipes from her latest, Whole 

Beverage: High spirits

Sue Vader visits a Tasmanian organic cidery that is branching out into spirits to help keep apple growing in the state viable.  

Conversation: Michael Ableman

Simon Webster speaks with market gardener, author and photographer Michael Ableman about urban farming, feeding the planet and more. 

Health: When a little is too much 

Leading organics expert and author of a new book Poisoning our Children, Andre Leu, reveals the health crisis being driven by all-pervading environmental toxins. 

Poultry: The scoop on poop 

Jessamy Miller decodes chook droppings and investigates how to manage this garden gold. 


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