May/June 2017

Grow asparagus with the latest issue of Organic Gardener

This issue, Organic Gardener magazine extolls the virtues of long-term wonder asparagus, explores the more unfamiliar members of the citrus family (think native limes and tangelos), digs in spring bulbs and celebrates Peter Cundall’s gardening life along with his 90th birthday. Plus, we dive into our animals special – raise your own fish with aquaponics, buy new chooks and meet mini manure machines that make fine garden friends; discover native herbs – revealing unique flavours and aromas; and invite you to cook winter warmers in Sally Wise's latest book, Ultimate Slow Cooker. All this and much, much more!

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Citrus with a difference

Peter Cundall

spring bulbs

fluffy foragers

native herbs

Future feeders

Grow: Asparagus – Long-term wonders 

Among the delicacies of the vegetable world, asparagus are well worth the few years wait until first harvest, writes Penny Woodward. 

Grow: Citrus with a difference

Justin Russell looks into the tangy world of citrus, taste testing exotic varieties and native hybrids, plus growing advice.   

Grow: Discovering native herbs

Karen Sutherland reveals the unique flavours and aromas of many little-known native herbs including native thyme, mint and pepper.  

Ornamental: A host of bulbs

Beautiful in bloom, spring bulbs (from bluebells to daffodils and ranunculus) are ripe for digging in now, explains Stephen Ryan. 

Knowledge: Grow and prosper

Having just turned 90, Peter Cundall’s urge to grow food – and help others – has not faltered since his early childhood in the Great Depression. 

Conversation: Joel Orchard

Kylie McGregor meets Joel Orchard, founder of Future Feeders, a group dedicated to helping young people enter the agricultural industry.

Animals: Fluffy foragers

Rabbits and guinea pigs make fine garden friends – they’re mini manure machines and handy lawn mowers, writes Jessamy Miller. 

Design: Backyard aquaponics

Simon Webster dives into the latest developments in aquaponics – the fish and plant production combo – with advice on how to start your own system. 

Planet: Love letters to a tree

Would applying economic rationale to our urban
trees increase their perceived value? Penny Woodward investigates the human-tree connection. 

Harvest: Warm and slow 

Take it slow and warm yourself this autumn and beyond with these tasty recipes from Sally Wise’s new book – Ultimate Slow Cooker.

Action: Into the autumn patch

Now’s the time to get your autumn garden in order, from pruning and planting to seed saving and pest management.

Basics: The great divide

Want to increase or share your garden’s perennials? Penny Woodward explains how to propagate by root division.

Poultry: New chook in town

If you’re in the market for fowl, Jessamy Miller’s tips on what, where and how to buy – plus transporting and settling them in at home – will prove invaluable.

Solutions: It’s elementary

Elements and trace elements are essential to plant health so deficiencies can lead to a wide range of plant problems, writes Peter Cundall.

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